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AL AndersoN

Technics Keyboard Recordings by Al Anderson: Al has KN7000, KN5000 and Tyros 2 arranger keyboards and with over 600 recordings under his belt (I figure that to be almost two months of non-stop recording sessions) I think you can virtually consider him to …

John's Downloads

Technics KN7000 Downloads from JD: Recordings by John Dawson are collated on this page.

Halo semua dari Indonesia

Halo semua dari Indonesia, Saya harap Anda mengerti pesan saya (Google Translate). Ada banyak pengunjung setiap hari dari Indonesia. Kami harap Anda akan saling membantu di sini. Kami akan membantu juga jika mungkin. Nikmati website!

Re: Panel Memory

Hello, thank you for your reply. I have the manual in French , hand I can not find answer to my problem , which I repeat here: When using the panel memory , sound and rhythm are assigned some time, from a N° to another, always in the same place , but no…


Carefully selected items such as KN7000-tested SD Cards, interesting Music Books and Software, for all Technics keyboard owners.

Re: Hi to you all

Hello Mel, We're delighted to see you here. There are some articles on [url=][/url] that should help you with hooking up your keyboard to your laptop and the software is available in the members area if you don't have…

Panel Memory

Bonsoir, j'ai un problème avec ma KN7000 : au niveau de l'utilisation du panel Memory : Lorsque je change de préréglages (1 à 8) d'une même chanson, certains me font une courte rupture de son et rythme. Je n'ai pas encore réussi à savoir d'où celà pr…

Gunnar Jonny's Technics Keyboards Website

I'm very proud to announce the re-launch of Gunnar Jonny's Technics Keyboards Website. Gunnar's site dates back to the year 2000 and is a superb resource for owners of all Technics Keyboards. The initial launch includes lots of Technics Keyboards in…

AL's Singing Company

Technics Keyboard Recordings by Al Anderson: Al's Technics KN7000 recordings featuring vocal sounds.

Hi to you all

Hi out there..I just joined this site and really hope I can expand my skills in mastering the potential of my kn7000. At present I can't even succeed in hooking it up to my laptop!! I feared the tech was too old to work in this modern day and age but this…

I thoroughly enjoyed your narrat

I thoroughly enjoyed your narrative Bill. These tracks are great and how clever of you to add a Welsh slant! Many years ago I had the great pleasure of accompanying Shirley's sister in a small pub in Tiger Bay (Cardiff Bay for those of you who aren't loca…

Play: Moonlight Serenade with Tony Pegler

It’s amazing how much you can learn just by listening. Have you ever sat down and really listened closely to a recording of your favourite song? Try it and you’ll be surprised at how many little things you can pick up which can help make your own keyboard…

Greetings, I respect your effort

Greetings, I respect your effort for Technics users! I did not know that someone has interest for us, thank you!

Bill's Downloads

Technics KN7000 Downloads from Willum: Styles and Recordings by Bill Norrie are collated on this page.

I'm very proud to introduce our

I'm very proud to introduce our first Technics Musician to you all. Al makes great use of the KN7000's styles and I especially like 'Till There Was You' as it is one of my favourite songs and I'm also a bigband fan. Beautiful recordings Al, thanks for …

John Dawson

Technics KN7000 Recordings from JD: John's many years of musicianship shine through in these beautiful recordings, he has a lovely touch on those keys! I hope you enjoy them as much as me.

technics kn whether the product

technics kn whether the product will be developed again. but the factory was already no longer production, whether Technics KN8000 be launched

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