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KN7000: Loading Single Custom Styles

Posted by admin // August 16, 2014 // in KN7000 Articles //

You've read our article on loading 'All Custom Styles', now discover how to Load Single Custom Styles into your KN7000.

The CUSTOM Directory

Using Windows Explorer (File Explorer on Windows 8), navigate to your SD card and into the following directory (My SD Card is 'G'):


This is the place to add single Custom Styles. Click to enlarge the image below.

Loading Single Custom Styles

As an example, we're going to use the Single Custom Style 'I'll Be There' which is available on this website.

  • In your PC, drag the Single Custom Style into the CUSTOM directory on the SD Card.
  • Put the SD Card in your KN7000.
  • Press the yellow SD Card button.
  • Set the direction to be from SD Card to KN7000
  • Select the Single Custom Style you want to load ┬áIn this case, in the FROM area, you'll select ILLBETHR because we're l;oading the 'I'll Be There' Style.
  • Select the Custom Rhythm slot that you want to load the Style into in the TO area. This will overwrite the style that is in that slot at present.
  • Select LOAD

You can now go to the Custom Rhythm group and use your Custom Style.

We have also added a BLANK SIngle Custom Style in the Members Area so that you can clear individual slots in the Custom Rhythm group using the same method.

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