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KN7000 STYLE: I'll Be There - Jackson 5

Posted by admin // August 16, 2014 // in KN7000 Styles // 0 Comments

Michael's incredible vocals really shine in this massive hit from the Jackson 5.

Download our 'I'll Be There' KN7000 Style to add to your collection. The conversion is remarkably true to the original, with the famous harpsichord introduction, realistic guitars and a highly accurate rhythm.

This Custom Style is complete with Music Style Arranger settings. Load it into your Custom rhythm section.

  • Start off with an F chord for the intro on the Harpsichord.
  • Variation A is 16 bars.
  • Variation B is 18 bars, including a 2 bar break as in the original song. You can skip the break by triggering a Fill-in around the 16th bar if you prefer.
  • Variation C is 18 bars, including a 2 bar break as above
  • Variation D is 16 bars for you to loop the chorus as many times as you prefer.
  • Hit the Ending 2 button with an F Chord for a super 10 bar ending, or Ending 1 for the short version.

TIP: Turn off the Techni-Chord for the 10 bar ending and concentrate on your sax solo. The chords will take care of themselves.

KN7000 Custom Style: I'll Be There by the Jackson 5

Loading Single Custom Styles

You can read more about loading this type of file in our Article - Loading KN7000 Single Custom Styles

Michael Jackson I'll Be There Video

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