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KN7000 STYLE: Movie Panther

Posted by admin // August 8, 2014 // in KN7000 Styles //

Our new 'Movie Panther' style has all the slinky attributes of the Pink Panther himself. This conversion of a Yamaha Tyros style will have your tail swingin'.

Registrations are set up in the Music Style Arranger including the expected Tenor Saxophone, the KN7000's stunning Flutter Flute Soloist from the Sound Explorer and double-stopped unison saxes for the bigband solo.

Download our new collection of 20 KN7000 Custom Styles in the members area (Membership is Free).

Play the Pink Panther

Play the Pink Panther

To help you get the best from the style watch the super video from Soundwonderland. These guys have gone out of their way to demonstrate and capture every nuance of the tune, brilliant video!

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