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Technics KN2400

Technics KN2400 Keyboard: Digital Keyboard with 61 Keys, 64 note polyphony, Initial Touch, and 1064 Sounds. The KN2400 is one of the later keyboards in the range with a superb feature set and stunning instrument sounds.

Technics KN3000

Technics KN3000: User Manual, Reference Manual and Styles.

Technics KN8000

I'm in discussion with some programmers and hardware manufacturers about a massive new project relating to the KN7000 at the moment. I'm calling it KN8000 for fun but there's also more than an air of seriousness behind that title. I know there's been a…

Technics KN5000 Downloads

KN5000: Downloads - Manuals, Documents, Styles, Panel memories and other KN5000 Files

Hi Jim and Anonymous, Thanks

Hi Jim and Anonymous, Thanks very much for your feedback and encouragement, it's a great motivator to know that you're enjoying the site and getting the most our of your KN7000s. Willum's site is excellent, I've visited it a great deal over the year…

Technics KN1400

Technics sx-KN1400: Turn Up The Heat with Cool Sounds and Rhythms. Based on Technics' renowned PCM technology, the KN1400's sound generator gives you an enormous selection of lifelike sounds to suit any kind of music. The KN1400 has 375 preset sounds plus…

Technics KN6000 Demo Page

Technics KN6000 mp3 sound demos: Recordings of the demonstration tunes built-in to the instrument.


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Technics KN6500 Specification

Technics KN6500 Specification: If you're looking for the ultimate keyboard, you've found it! The Technics KN6500 combines incredible high quality sound and professional features with ease of use. It will open up a whole new world of musical enjoyment!

Technics GA3 & GA1

What makes a musical masterpiece? No less than an artful harmony of form, function and sound. Technics electronic organs are just that rare combination. Every curve, every line expresses the most discerning taste. Every feature and function offers tremend…

Hi harriesk. The KN7000 can load

Hi harriesk. The KN7000 can load KN3000 styles and songs so you shouldn't need to convert them. If you're having problems I'll try one of your styles on my KN7000.

Technics Keyboards Manuals

This is the place to post if you are having problems with your Technics instrument that would require a repair (I can't help much with these queries as I'm not an Engineer - Admin).

Technics KN7000 Forum Indonesian

Kami memiliki banyak pengunjung dari Indonesia, selamat datang di forum kami. Klik pada 'Start Discussion' untuk membuat topik baru.

Technics KN6000

Completely redesigned from top to bottom, The KN6000 is like nothing you've ever seen from Technics before. Its sound is monumental. Its design: high-impact. Its large, wide-screen colour LCD shows as much information on one page as previous models showe…

Hey Mike ' I have just had time

Hey Mike ' I have just had time to read your web site and think it is great. We Technics players were left in the cold when they removed the instrument from the market. I used to look at synthzone site but found a lot of links had closed and the 7000 was …

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