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KN7000 File: .act

The .act file contains script for Slide Shows in sequencer memory.
Technics Keyboard .act file The KN7000 Slide Show function displays the images which change along with the music. The DEMO songs include a variety of images which switch…

KN7000 File: .cst

The .cst file is a 'Single Custom Style'.
Technics Keyboard .cst file The Single Custom Style consists of a RHYTHM (4 variations, 4 intros, 4 endings and 8 fills), 4 Registrations, 6 Performance Pads, plus any edited…

KN7000 File: .sqt

The .sqt is a Sequencer file. It can contain 10 songs and keyboard setups.
Technics Keyboard .sqt file The sequencer records your performance in a similar way to a tape recorder. You may want to record your entire performance in one go,or to build up a…

KN7000 File: .ast

The .ast file is an 'All Custom Style' collection, comprising 20 styles.
Technics Keyboard .ast file In the CUSTOM button of the RHYTHM GROUP you can store 20 of your original rhythm settings complete with Music Style Arrangers and Performance Pads.…

KN7000 File: .msp

The .msp file is used to save Performance Pad files.
Technics Keyboard .msp file 18 Pads (3 banks of 6) can be saved in the .msp file . Each Performance Pad is two-track. Pads can be programmed to follow the chords you play or…

KN7000 File: .hmp

The .hmp file stores the contents of your Home Page.
Technics Keyboard .hmp file The main display (Home Page) of your KN7000 can be programmed to include items such as the volume controls and tempo information displayed in many…

KN7000 File: .lsw

The .lsw file stores the Current Panel settings.
Technics Keyboard .lsw file At any particular moment you will have various Sounds, a Rhythm, Synchro start button, Intro button, Effects and other parameters selected on your…

KN7000 File: .efc

The .efc file stores 50 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) effects.
Technics Keyboard .efc file The KN7000 employs five SOUND DSPs to create the sounds. Three of them are for the RIGHT 1, RIGHT 2 and LEFT parts; for these parts you can use the…

KN7000 File: .tm

The .tm file is to save your edited Sounds. Each .tm file can contain 40 sounds and drum kits.
Technics Keyboard .tm file SOUND EDIT enables you to create your own new Sound (instrument) by altering one of the KN7000's preset Sounds. Your new sound can be stored in one of…

KN7000 File: .cmp

The .cmp file stores 3 COMPOSER setups.
Technics Keyboard .cmp file Each of the 3 Composers (A, B and C) consists of 4 variations, 4 intros, 4 endings and 8 fills (20 'mini-sequences' in all). These are all 8 Part…

KN7000 File: .pmt

The .pmt file can store Panel Memory files comprising 13 banks of 8 memories.
Technics Keyboard .pmt file Panel Memories can be saved in banks of 3 (A, B and C) or banks of 13 (A, B, C, 1, 2... 10). Banks A, B and C are important because they are…

KN7000 File: .md

The .md file stores three USER MIDI settings.
Technics Keyboard .md file When using the KN7000 with other MIDI devices you can store 3 USER memories of MIDI PRESETS. These customised settings can be saved in the .md file.…

KN7000 File: .fav

The .fav file contains 4 Favourite Pages of programmable menu functions.
Technics Keyboard .fav file You can select many of the sounds, rhythms and functions of the KN7000 and store them in four pages of FAVOURITES. This is a convenient way to…

Technics File Types

KN7000 saves files to SD Card and Floppy Disk. These files can be backed up (and edited to a certain extent) on your computer. What are these Technics Keyboard files? Read about the Technics file formats and the KN7000 features connected with them.
The KN7000 can save many different types of files to SD Card or floppy disk. We explain the various filetypes and their contents in this section, along with the keyboard…


I have a Technics KN7000 for sale, the keyboard is in fantastic and fully working condition. Collection from Berkshire England. Thanks

KN7000s Don't Like Mondays

Our Web App is launched along with news of an upcoming Competition on the website! New KN7000 Styles are added in the Members Area and we're looking for your Technics Keyboards info & Photos. Read about these and other updates to the site in today's blog…
Who Doesn't Like Mondays? Happy Bank Holiday! I do love it when 'Monday doesn't exist' because I get a break from the day job and can play my KN7000 or work on the website.…

KN7000 Wanted in Australia

An Australian member is looking for a KN7000. If you have a KN7000 for sale in Australia please contact me by using the contact form on the Help menu.

Re: Replacement keys

Replacement keys regularly come available on eBay when someone is breaking an instrument for parts. Here is a recently ended listing but the seller might be prepared to make a new ebay listing if you contact them:…

Replacement keys

hi I am trying to find replacement keys for my sx-kn7000 has anyone got an idea where i can get some?

Hi Ray, I tend to agree with you

Hi Ray, I tend to agree with you that the sounds aren't always balanced in the MSA 1, 2, 3 and 4. Many people save them straight into the Panel memories so that they can be adjusted. Also, I should have added in my blog that any part can be muted quickly …

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