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Using a MAC

Hi everybody I have a new MAC running OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks) and would like to rearrange the order of styles on the computer (preferably right on the SD card) instead of loading and saving them on the KN7000 which is very time consuming. If I click on t…

Re: Panel Memory

We resolved this problem by email as posted below along with a follow-up question. If members can input to this please join in because I'm not 100% certain that my response is correct: ------ Hello and thank you for caring about my problem. EUREKA …

Re: Using a MAC

Hi Fred and welcome, We have experience of using a Mac with KN7000 because my son has a Mac. It works really well for MIDI and for audio recording but unfortunately there aren't any programs available for file organisation or backup on the Mac. I wo…

I really like the flugel in your

I really like the flugel in your tribute John, very moving and such great use of vocal sounds, very realistic. Thank you for sharing your great recordings!

Technics Re-launched: What Next?

Some of you might have missed last month's Technics Re-launch... and you would be forgiven for that! Technics officially re-opened for business with a series of high-end audio products and with jazz pianist Michiko Ogawa as Director of Technics Projects.

Re: Replacement keys

If you click the eBay link in my previous post at the moment you will see a listing for keys. The photo is of a white key but the seller also has black ones.

Re: Using a MAC

Hi Mike, Thank you so much for your detailed and quick reply. It was exactly what I needed to know. I will take the "dedicated PC Laptop" route and have KN-SDExplorer installed. All the best Fred

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