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FREE Sounds for your KN7000

KN7000 Expansion Cards: FREE Sounds are available for you to download from the soundset of the Pop Production Expansion Card.

thanks for your sites i KN7000

thanks for your sites i KN7000 player , may i can share my style or squencer here . i means share our musics work

Re: SD Card loading sound files

Hi Avidfanta, The KN7000 can play WAV or MP3 files but they need to be transferred to SD Card in a secure format. The reason for this is that copyright protection of music was a hot topic when the KN7000 was released. To transfer the files to the ca…

KN7000 Website Software Upgrade

The software that runs the websites has had a major upgrade today. Hopefully you will experience an improvement in speed and some minor issues will have disappeared. If you experience any anomalies or issues please let me know.

Expension board

Hi,On the expension card download ,I extracted the file (2) to a the floppy disk and download in my kn7000 I have a message on the screen ``its good for another keyboard``can you help me on this problem And i thank you for this download that you gave us

Re: Expension board

Thanks for the reply. I have EW1 installed. I found a few sounds that improved the factory ones. The effects are quite good. I haven't spent any time to speak of with the card. but since you have piqued my interest with your new forum, I will dig into…

Re: Using a MAC

I was answering a few email queries on this topic earlier today and it suddenly occurred tome that laptops these days cost less than SD Cards did when the KN7000 was released! Our recommended SD Cards in the [url=]Amazon …

Help ! KN7000 motherboard

can Any member direct me to anyone anywhere that can assist me with a repair/replace motherboard....just can't bring myself to throwing such a great instrument away Jim Qld Australia

Re: Hi to everyone

Hello Mike, thanks for your clear details. from past experience with upgrading other keyboards mainly Korg, I tend to agree with you and will leave the 7000 alone. Now studying the manual and trying to figure out how to use key velocity to create pitch…

KN5000 files

Hi every - i've had a look at the gunnar jonny site and downloads several kn5000 files. The CVP209 files password is missing - anyway its 'gjg654" Hope this helps.

Thanks for these wonderfull soun

Thanks for these wonderfull sounds that I will enjoy to play And I am anxious to download the EW04NX because there is female soloist voice like in the Church with the left organ voice it will be a XMas gift

Re: Im missing out big time

That's good to know Mel just ask if you need more assistance or ideas. We're working on a program update at the moment which will be available free to existing owners when it is finalised. This will be a maintenance update to improve it in Windows 7 & 8 a…

I'm going to try a few edits in

I'm going to try a few edits in the file and I'll email you them to try later. Thanks for letting me know, I'll be in touch soon.

Re: Expension board

Hi Bernie, You can't replace the sounds on the expansion card you already have but you will be able to load sounds from the files on the site into your Memory Sound Group. So you will be able to access Sounds from the cards that you don't have. Whic…

Re: Im missing out big time

No problem, here are a few pointers: The KN7000 will recognise some 2Gb cards but it can only address 1Gb of the card as it is intended for 1Gb max. The card has to be SD Secure, nothing fancy like SDHC or other types of card. When the KN7000 came out …

Re: KN7000 Mic Setting

Hi Mike, Thank you for your fine instructions that I am sure is the answer to my problem as I described. However, I neglected to mention that all of my songs are saved in Technics Extended mode with mic settings included. Since I quit using the KN70…

Hi to everyone

I am living in New Zealand and have passion for electronic musical keyboards. I have joined up because I have just purchased a KN7000. Great machine Version 1.3. I wonder if anyone knows if I have to upgrade in steps or can I just go straight from 1.3…

Re: Expension board

Hi,Now its working fine,very satisfied I am hopping for the number 4 expension board for yhe voices like (female soloist) Thanks again my freind

Re: Easy Composer

Hi Fred, I've never tried the Easy Composer feature so I can't help you out yet. I'll give it a go in the next few days though and see if I can fingure it out. In the meantime hopefully someone here can help you. Talk soon, Mike

Cowboys and Indians

Who is old enough to remember playing cowboys and Indians as a kid? Did you make those Whoo Whoo Whoo noises of them there red-skins? Well I could really do with that sound for an arrangement I have guessed it..."Running Bear". I could also do…

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