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Re: Styles and sounds dowloads

Carper26, That is brilliant! It means that the Sounds files are exactly the same for KN6000 and KN6500 (as they should be) and I don't need to change any of the released files! So, the files I used for the examples are taken from Styles Series 1. Yo…

Re: wiring circuit diagram

HI Matthew, What you need is the Service Manual. It is available on the page below, you need to be logged in to download it. Good luck with the repairs, hopefully it is something minor. [url=]Technics K…

Re: hard copy prog

Hi Bufalo, buy it direct from Klaus at EMC it costs an extra 10 euro to have a disk which you can decide in the checkout. Updates are available by download from time to time but you could download them and save them on disk or sd card etc. or probably Kla…

Hi Mike. I didn't find any missi

Hi Mike. I didn't find any missing files but are a number out of sequence. What I did was open each page and the styles can be identified. I will go through them and forward the list. Carper26

Re: expension board

My apologies, I assumed you were using an SD card and KN-SDExplorer. The attached file will work on a floppy disk. It's exactly the same file, just that they have to be named a certain way to work on floppy.disks or loaded onto SD Cards using an approp…

Re: The Next Styles Series - What do You Think?

Mel, I admit, I have only ever heard a Tyros of any type on Youtube. I like Yamaha keyboards I must admit but they seem to lack a "thickness" that I can't explain, a sort of density of sound that (I think) the Technics instruments have. Well as I say, I d…

Re: How do you midi a Kn7000 to a Yamaha AR100 organ

You have a couple of options. For now why don't you set your Right 2 on KN7000 to a different MIDI channel. Then it won't sound when you play a chord. Now that you've figured out the basis of things I can help you in detail (later tonight). For saving …


Hi All, When you join the site you validate your email address by clicking on a link in an email that the website sends to you automatically. Sometimes these emails go to your spam folder so you might need to look in there. If you don't receive this em…

I should have also mentioned tha

I should have also mentioned that most of Strawberry Music's disks can be purchased to download if people prefer. However, I prefer to own the physical disks, just like the rest of my music collection.

Hi Mike, For some reason my KN6

Hi Mike, For some reason my KN6000 can't read the sounds from the super sounds EW04NX expansion board you converted or edited. Can You Help? the display on my keyboard says that is for a different product Thanks

Re: Retro Mag/ Workshop

Hi Mel, thanks for the great tip. The magazine was called Techplus and the copyright is now owned by Strawberry Music. Neil (of Strawberry Music) has two CDs available with all of the magazines in PDF format. Years 'n years ago I didn't know about t…

KN6000 Styles Series Y2

Technics KN6000 Styles: Series Y2 - FREE KN6000 Styles from Yamaha Tyros 3

All the credit here must go to J

All the credit here must go to John and Rod, I just did some website editing but I know they will appreciate your thanks, you put a big smile on my face! Cheers.

Songs: An Important Principle

When working with Styles, Sounds and other files on your Technics keyboard you should understand what a Technics 'Song' is.

The Next Styles Series - What do You Think?

Hi Everyone, You all seem to be enjoying Styles Series Y1. Great! When releasing these Styles I've only included the Composer files in order to make things simple, to get everyone used to transferring files to their keyboards and trying out new Styl…

Re: The Next Styles Series - What do You Think?

John is starting on Latin and I am starting on Movies & Show because they are our favourites. These will be for KN7000. We'll be needing volunteers to help with the other KN keyboards. Probably Country will come next because we have got a lot of reques…

Re: The Next Styles Series - What do You Think?

Hi Mike, I want to say thanks for everything that you make for us. I suggest to convert styles from YAMAHA PSR 2000 ORIENTAL.

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