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Converting to MIDI from PR54M

We have a query from a Member who is NOT a keyboard player but has been tasked to convert songs from PR54M owned by the church so that they can be played on a Yamaha keyboard. Hopefully she will post additional details here but all ideas and advice wil…

Hi Mike I have scanned the the

Hi Mike I have scanned the the revised lists but don't seem to be able to send them as attachments. Any guidance?

Hi Mike. I didn't find any missi

Hi Mike. I didn't find any missing files but are a number out of sequence. What I did was open each page and the styles can be identified. I will go through them and forward the list. Carper26

Our Special Projects

Hi Everyone, If you would like to join in with our Special Projects (or just learn more about them) - [url=]CLICK HERE[/url] Many thanks, Mike

Our Special Projects

Hi Everyone, We have several projects running for most Technics keyboards, to convert Styles or Sounds, to help with editing or typing on the website, to test files by playing them and letting us know whether they work well on your keyboard and so on. …

Hi Carper, I've asked for fee

Hi Carper, I've asked for feedback (elsewhere) about this and you're the first one to give any. I converted 203 Styles, however, for the early keyboards three of them failed. I also don't know whether they are the same three for each of the early keybo…

Why are the files listed in the

Why are the files listed in the download, not the same as the PDF list of files. Regards Carper26

Thanks Mike Have just made tim

Thanks Mike Have just made time to try some of your available downloads now to work out how to get them into the k7 Bye for now

PS - I especially enjoyed doing

PS - I especially enjoyed doing this because I've never programmed the Pads before, so I learned something new about Performance Pads AND about 'beats per minute'! Additionally, I have never thought to play with a metronome before and that is also enjoyab…

Hi Dick, Well, I am learning

Hi Dick, Well, I am learning along with everyone :) I'm glad you like it. I think I will add some more pads with different metronome sounds (modern maybe) and possibly different time signatures when I get time in the future. For now, we'll make a…

Hi Mike, You must be have a l

Hi Mike, You must be have a lot of knowledge of the KN7000 so even within a day of my request to have all available and a metronome works well. I hope you that have created not only for me but that more players are going to make use of. Grandiose! K…

Re: Retro Mag/ Workshop

Hi Mel, thanks for the great tip. The magazine was called Techplus and the copyright is now owned by Strawberry Music. Neil (of Strawberry Music) has two CDs available with all of the magazines in PDF format. Years 'n years ago I didn't know about t…

Re: Is there an easier way?

Mel, you're absolutely right it is easier to have as many as you can in one folder. However, you wouldn't lose what you've done if you loaded a few Sounds and then backed out to enter another folder and repeat the exercise. Also note that I've numbered th…

Retro Mag/ Workshop

Years 'n years ago I subscribed to the Technics magazine (1 every two months). Sadly I've only got the six final publications but they were very useful for workshops and tips. Granted, we now have a terrific website but I was wondering if I can view back…

Re: Is there an easier way?

Thanks Mike for your invaluable wisdom. Yes it works a treat but it's worth mentioning all the downloads ie Movie prods/Super Sounds etc should be placed in one folder on the sd card for easy access otherwise you would have to load another folder and dele…

Dick's Metronome

A new download is available on the Technics KN7000 Menu on the Performance Pads page. Here's a link to it: [url=]Dick's Metronome for KN7000, KN2600 and KN2400[/url]

Thank you for the fast reply! I

Thank you for the fast reply! I have all four boards and yes, they're rare. I'll recommend your great homepage and this free sound collection in a German technics music forum. When there is time, i'll try out the Sound Series 1 collection. Regards

Re: New Sounds

Hi Ray, Further to this and our discussions on Synthzone, you have a corrupted SD Card. It might be possible to recover it. For PCs, I only cover putting files onto SD Cards using KN-SDExplorer because this is the method that I use and the software …

Re: hard copy prog

Hi Bufalo, buy it direct from Klaus at EMC it costs an extra 10 euro to have a disk which you can decide in the checkout. Updates are available by download from time to time but you could download them and save them on disk or sd card etc. or probably Kla…

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