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New Sounds



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Hi Mike,
I am having difficulty downloading the sounds to an SD card from the computer. It does all the right things, appears to be loading into the card, and when I try to load in the KB it shows all the folders and files empty, yet when reinstalled in the computer it shows all the sounds are there.
I thought I/it may have cleared the data on two cards but they still show content.
Is there a problem with the programme (or me, or my computer)??


Posted on January 27, 2015 at 12:56 PM
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Re: New Sounds

Hi Ray,

Further to this and our discussions on Synthzone, you have a corrupted SD Card. It might be possible to recover it.

For PCs, I only cover putting files onto SD Cards using KN-SDExplorer because this is the method that I use and the software is available as a free demo or licensed copy, so it doesn't need to put anyone out of pocket if they don't want a full license.

The videos on the following pages show you how to transfer the files, you can't just copy them to the card.

Copying Individual Technics Keyboard Styles to SD Card

Copying many Technics Keyboard Styles to SD Card

The alternative and even more straightforward way is to put the files on a floppy disk and then you can copy them to the SD Card via the interface of the KN7000.

But back to your corrupted SD Card:

If you make a backup of your card using KN-SDExplorer and email it to me I'll see whether I can recover it and then send a backup to you for you to be able to restore it. I can't promise anything but I'll try and I'll ask Gert-Jan (the programmer of KNSDE) to try if I can't do it,

Instructions on how to make a backup are on the KN-SDExplorer Website.

Essentially, you just right-click on the SD Card in windows and choose "Backup SD Card" from the Menu. Then you can email me the file that it creates.

Best wishes,

Posted on January 27, 2015 at 1:21 PM