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SD card loading problems solved


United Kingdom

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I saw the offer for free downloads of the tyros Y2 series on the Tecchnics KN7000 forum and (without reading anything as usual) downloaded the files, unzipped them and tried to copy/drag to the drive containing the card, of course it did not work. Contacting Mike he told me you need in addition some special software . My aim was to avoid loading onto floppy disks as although this was what I was used to with my yamaha organ I would need dozens of disks while the SD card can handle the lot with room to spare.and also the card system is much quicker to use.
Mike kindly steered me by e.mail all the way and I got the new software installed. " It tells you what to do to" he said, but unfortunately mine did not because the computer could not find the file, somehow it was corrupt.
Mike jumped to the rescue and offered to use the system whereby he can control your computer and make changes and sort out the problem and put some items on the card to start me off.
All I can say is this was Fantastic, to watch your screen and see all the work Mike carried out and at some speed left me miles behind and very quickly out of my depth and it took about 1,1/2 hours due to the error I believe because after installing he had to remove most files and re install them again.,.
He not only loading the Tyros Y2 series but also the 500 or so styles I had on file from Strawberry music of the range of styles of many of the other KN keyboards, some others and all backed up as well..
Certainly more on the card than you could shake a stick at, and certainly more than I shall ever use, I would not live long enough ! Oh yes and he sorted the original software error as well.
So my grateful thanks to Mike for all his work and he also unstintingly offered to come back on line to explain extra features, ( I may take him up on that that up later ) this guy is a gem and deserves recognition and practical support as his services are always there and free, I I shall certainly be making a donation in appreciation..

Posted on April 12, 2015 at 11:19 PM
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