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Technics KN8000


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I'm in discussion with some programmers and hardware manufacturers about a massive new project relating to the KN7000 at the moment. I'm calling it KN8000 for fun but there's also more than an air of seriousness behind that title.

I know there's been a lot of talk over the years about Technics resurrecting the KN7000, manufacturing a KN8000 or resuming production of keyboards and musical instruments but that's not going to happen. Keyboards such as the Yamaha Tyros 5 and other new arranger keyboards are more and more reliant on, or connected to, computers, the Internet and software.

The future lies in that direction doesn't it? But the ease of use and the 'flavour' or character of the older hardware keyboards (and we're all Technics fans here, so let's say Technics Keyboards) seems to be lost somewhere in the mix.

So, without giving too much away, let's say our project has three components or possibilities:

1 - A computer programme specifically to work with the Technics KN7000. Running on your computer in parallel with the KN7000
2 - A computer simulation of the Technics KN7000, with additional features. Working on any MIDI keyboard and computer, giving the KN7000 features plus more to new users (or virtually replacing your KN7000!)
3 - A computer simulation of the Technics KN8000 (with your suggested features). A MIDI keyboard, supported with additional special hardware and a computer.

I'm going to help you visualise some of these in the near future by publishing some photos of my own setup, which is a KN7000 supported by a 23" touchscreen computer (which is about the size of two pages of music).

My touchscreen replaces the need for paper music and sits above my KN7000 where you would expect the music rest to be. It also runs my virtual instruments, allowing me to play thousands of the best quality sounds available directly from the KN7000, through its sound system.

Let your imagination run wild for a moment, and forget abut economic viability because as we all know, anything is possible...

Which of the above three options would be of interest to you?

What features of the KN7000 would you like to add to or change?

Posted on July 23, 2014 at 10:50 PM
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Re: Technics KN8000

Marvellous! Fantastic!

As I also use my kn7 to make Accompaniments both for rehearsal and performances for my Choir, I often wish that sometimes I could just transfer the sounds (like a sound module?) and Technics Midi functions of my saved songs onto my laptop.
Then I could at times just take just the computer with my saved midi songs (which I could adjust in rehearsals by, say, turning up an Alto or Tenor part in the midi part and still hear the Technics accompaniment). I suppose that's not very likely to happen but it would be a Godsend for music teachers. The kn7 is so heavy!

Even more helpful for me if it could be onto an Apple Mac. So many more people have Macs than when the KN7 came out!

But I would buy a PC laptop or Tablet if it were made possible only on them.

Posted on December 1, 2014 at 2:42 AM


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Re: Technics KN8000

I'm making some progress with this.


In discussions with programmers we have talked about an "Auditioner" so that KN keyboard Rhythms (Styles) could be heard on the PC, so that you would be able to decide whether to transfer them to the KN keyboard for use. The Auditioner would also do the same for other brands of keyboard.

However, so far, the cost of development is prohibitively expensive for this 'small' program. I would need a few hundred people to pledge crowd funding in order to commence work. There is not enough interest in it so far.

However, you can do what you want in various ways already, if you invest a little learning time in a DAW program (Digital Audio Workstation). I use Reaper but there are many. And Macs have especially good DAWs available.

Using a DAW, you can record each individual audio part (by playing the keyboard or re-playing the sequencer) and you will then have infinite control over playing back individual tracks or any combination of tracks.

Alternatively, you could use a DAW to record the MIDI output of the keyboard. This would record all tracks at the same time and give you the same level of control. From there it is a simple matter to reassign the sounds to your computer for playback. It will not sound exactly the same as the KN7000 but it will give good results. In some cases it can give better results depending on the quality of virtual instruments that you use.

For working in conjunction with DAWs you will need the KN7000.ins file (for Cakewalk or Sonar). This file maps the KN7000s sounds correctly for the DAW and most DAWs will utilise that file correctly. KN7000.ins is available in the Members Area.

It is all of course a learning experience. I will be publishing more articles about it in due course.

The KN7000 can of course save MIDI files. I haven't tried using them directly with a MIDI playback program yet and I've heard of varying degrees of success. Again this is something I will be investigating and soon as that time becomes available. If any readers have a good procedure for converting Technics sequences to MIDI it would be great to hear from you.

My first priority is to support as many Technics models as I can, which is a big undertaking. When the group of websites is more complete I will devote a lot more time to these sorts of articles.

And for these reasons, all written contributions, manuals, forum posts etc from visitors and Members are very gratefully received smiling Thanks for posting.

Best wishes,

Posted on December 1, 2014 at 11:47 PM