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All things being equal...

Technics KN7000 Equaliser: Is your music sounding a bit flat? Maybe it's time to fine-tune the KN7000's equaliser! Today's blog is stuffed with easy tips and hints... plus a little mathematics!
A Little Help From Our Friends For a change from converting KN7000 Styles (and something of a break from website programming) I spent some time playing this weekend. I…

KN7000 Styles: Think Pink!

20 new Technics KN7000 Styles are available today including the fantastic Yamaha style conversion of 'Movie Panther'. Our new styles include Music Style Arranger registrations to help you get the best from the styles immediately!
We've added 20 new Technics KN7000 Custom Styles to the Members Area, including a great conversion of the Yamaha Tyros 'Movie Panther' style. All of the styles have Music…

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