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KN7000: Loading 'All Custom Styles'

Posted by admin // August 10, 2014 // in KN7000 Articles // 0 Comments

In order to make use of our 'All Custom Styles' and those available on you need to know how to transfer them into your keyboard! This article shows you how to do just that.

NB - Check out the additional KN7000 software downloads in the Members Area (your Profile) to help you with this article. To get to your Profile, log in and then click on your username.

How to Transfer Styles to Technics KN7000

There are five or six methods of transferring styles to the KN7000 and the methods are similar for other types of Technics files. Some of these methods require fairly advanced computer skills and involve renaming the files to suit the way that the keyboard is programmed.

We're not going to cover the more technical methods of transferring the Technics files in this article but we'll cover that in more detail if there is a demand for it, let us know.

This article covers a few easy ways to transfer Technics Styles to the KN7000. Similar methods can be employed with other keyboards in the range.

KN7000: AST Files

As an example, we'll use a file available from our Member Only Pages (your Profile on this website).

Download the file called '11KN7K01.AST' to your PC, make a note of where you save it. Our suggestion is to make a folder called 'My All Custom Styles' in your Documents folder.

The AST suffix in the filename lets the KN7000 know that this is a file that contains "All Custom Styles". These types of files load directly into your Custom rhythm group and they contain up to 20 styles.

Floppy Disk


Method 1: Floppy Disk

This is by far the most straightforward way to understand but the actual transfer process takes a few minutes.

Have a floppy disk prepared and formatted or use one you already have. If you are formatting a new disk you should always do that in the KN7000.

The file name starts with the number '11'. We have named it this way because many commercial Technics-compatible floppy disks have ten Technics 'songs' on them. So this file is numbered '11' for convenience. Of course, if you add the file to a commercial disk you will have to remove the copy protection first (slide the plastic tab in the corner of the disk).

You can change the number 11 to any number from 01 to 20 if you want the file to be in a different 'slot' on the KN7000 load screen by renaming the file. For example, 01KN7K01.AST would place the file in the first 'slot'.

  1. Using Windows Explorer (File Explorer in Windows 8), copy the 11KN7K01.AST file to your floppy disk
  2. Put the floppy disk in your KN7000
  3. Press and hold the 'Disk' button. You should now see the loading screen
  4. Select 11KN7K01 it will be in the 11th position, unless you renumbered it
  5. Press LOAD

After a minute or so the disk activity will stop and the 20 styles are now available in your Custom rhythm group.



Method 2: SD Card using KN-SDExplorer

You can download the KN-SDExplorer software from the official site at and we can give you any support you need on that site whether you use the highly functional demo version or the full version.

This application is a must-have for KN7000 owners, it makes the organisation of files on your SD cards very easy. A time limited demo is available on the above page and the price to register the programme is very reasonable.

Using this programme you can follow this procedure:

  1. Put your SC card in your card reader and run the KN-SDExplorer programme
  2. Copy the 11KN7K01.AST file in Windows Explorer (right-click and copy)
  3. Go to the KN-SDExplorer window and navigate to a folder on your SD Card
  4. Right-click and paste the file
  5. Take your SD card to the KN7000
  6. Press and hold the yellow SD button
  7. Select the 11KN7K01 file
  8. Press LOAD

The 20 styles are now available in your Custom rhythm group (in seconds).



Method 3: SD Card using TechManager7000

Installation of the TechManager7000 programme in detail is beyond the scope of this article. Please let us know if you want us to cover installation in greater depth in a new article.

Installation in earlier versions of Windows is straightforward. In Windows 8 you must run the installer in Compatibility Mode for Windows 98. You must also run the programme itself in Compatibility Mode for Windows 98. You will still encounter some occasional crashes but the program is well worth persisting with, it is excellent!

The program is no longer supported. It can be downloaded at the bottom of the page here

The programmers (Key Soft Service) have generously released the serial number generator to the public so that the program can be unlocked here

These programs will only run on Windows 8 when the installer and the program are set to run in Windows XP Compatibility Mode (or earlier).


Using TechManager7000 you can follow this procedure:

  1. Put your SC card in your card reader and run the TechManager7000 programme
  2. Select 'Copy Technics to SD Card'
  3. On the left hand side of the window, navigate to the 11KN7K01.AST file on your PC
  4. On the right hand side of the window, click on a blank slot to copy the file to your SD card
  5. Take your SD card to the KN7000
  6. Press and hold the yellow SD button
  7. Select the 11KN7K01 file
  8. Press LOAD

The 20 styles are now available in your Custom rhythm group (in seconds).

Song Manager


Method 4: Song Manager, using a Technics SD Card Backup File

In our Members area you will also find a file called KN7000COUK.sdb

Download this file and save it to your PC. Make a note of where you saved it. We recommend you to make a folder called "My SD Card Backups' in your Documents folder.

SDB files are Technics SD Card Backups. Usually these are created by the Technics Song Manager software but they can also be created by KN-SDExplorer and Techmanager7000. Each of these programs works slightly differently with Backup files so be sure to read the instructions for each program.

These files contain a complete backup of the KN7000 files on your SD card except for SD Audio files which can only be managed using the SD Jukebox software and the special Panasonic card reader.

This particular file has been created with the Song Manager software. It only contains the TK7Kcom1.AST file in a directory called CUSTOM STYLES.

You could use any of the three pieces of software to place the file on the SD Card but we're going to use Song Manager here:

  1. Put the SD card in your PC or card reader and run the Song Manager software
  2. On the SD Manage menu you will see SD Backup, SD Restore and SD Merge
  3. If this is an empty card you can choose SD Restore
  4. If this card already has files on it you can choose SD Merge
  5. Select the KN7000COUK.sdb file that you downloaded earlier. The required files will be placed on your SD card in seconds
  6. Take your SD card to the KN7000
  7. Press and hold the yellow SD button
  8. Select the TK7Kcom1 file
  9. Press LOAD

The 20 styles are now available in your Custom rhythm group (in seconds).


Music Style Arranger

As you play each Style (or 'Rhythm' in Technics parlance) you can turn on the Music Style Arranger to access appropriate voicing for each variation.

Alternatively, you can use the Music Style Arranger to recall the voices for each rhythm variation and save them in Panel Memories. Then you can use the Panel Memories to switch between voices.

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