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KN7000 Software: On Windows 8.1

Posted by admin // July 12, 2014 // in KN7000 Articles //

The software included on the KN7000 original CD-ROM includes USB drivers, Audio Recorder and Song Manager.

This software was written for Windows 98. It will install on Windows XP but occasionally takes some coaxing to recognise the keyboard. For Windows XP (once you have installed the software) it is best to boot up windows with the USB cable already plugged in and the KN7000 turned on.

When installing the software on any operating system, don't connect the USB cable until the drivers are installed because Windows will try to find the driver and fail.

Technics KN7000 with Windows 8.1

Edit: For further information and questions about other versions of windows you can also visit the Forum on - Click Here (opens in a new window).

The KN7000 software either fails to install or does not install properly if you simply run the installation programs on Windows 8.1. You need to enable compatibility mode before installing.

Download and unzip the original software from your CD, or from

Do not connect the USB cable to your PC.

To install the drivers, in File Explorer, navigate to the KN7000 software directory and into the driver > data subdirectory.

Right-click on the "setup.exe" file and select 'Properties'. On the 'Compatibility' tab, set the compatibility mode to "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)" as shown below.

You now need to run the "setup.exe" file as an Administrator. Right-click on the file again and select this option as shown below:

The driver setup program will run. After installation Windows will ask you to confirm that the program ran correctly, answer 'yes'.

The USB audio and MIDI drivers are now installed. Turn off your PC. Connect the USB Cable and re-start your PC. The audio drivers should be recognised and the KN7000 will show up as 'Speakers', called 'Panasonic Musical Instrument' in your Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound as shown below:

At this point you should hear your PC's usual sounds through the KN7000. So if you play some music with a media player you will hear it through the keyboard's sound system (which sounds better than most Hi-Fis!).

It follows that you will be able to hear any virtual instruments that you have set up on your PC. You will be able to play them directly from the keyboard, through the keyboard's sound system, once you have MIDI fully set up.

You can try that now because you also installed the USB midi drivers during the setup process. You need to adjust the KN7000's MIDI settings in order to do that.

You will be able to play MIDI files from a MIDI player or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation software), or you can play virtual instruments that are loaded into your DAW direct from the KN7000, depending on the settings you choose on the KN7000. This will be explored further in a separate article.

MIDI Latency on the KN7000

If you experience delays (known as 'latency') when using MIDI on your KN7000 you will need to install the ASIO4ALL Universal Audio Driver, available from

You can then set the ASIO4ALL settings to direct your software to the KN7000 as shown below:

Some users still report latency even with all of the above set up. This can be cured by using a MIDI interface instead of the USB cable with the original drivers.

KN7000 MIDI Interface

We have only tested this with the Roland UM-ONE version 2 MIDI interface, with 100% success when used with the ASIO4ALL driver (NB 'Roland UM-1' is not the same thing).

The Roland UM-ONE v2 connects to your KN7000 using MIDI cables and to your PC via USB. It can be connected at the same time as the KN7000 is connected via USB, so that the Roland interface sends and receives MIDI signals whilst the USB cable sends the audio from your PC to the KN7000 speakers.

Audio Recorder and Song Manager

The process for setting up these applications is very similar. Locate the setup.exe file in the appinst > data directory. Set the compatibility mode as before (shown below) and then run as an Adminstrator as explained at the beginning of this article.

KN7000 Audio Recorder

Because you have already installed the audio drivers the Audio Recorder should perform perfectly when recording from your KN7000. It saves at CD quality to WAV format files, which are lossless. You can easily convert these to MP3 files if you prefer using the Audacity recording and editing software, which is available free from Sourceforge -

KN7000 Song Manager

The Technics Song Manager software is used to transfer files to your KN7000 via USB cable (which is very slow indeed) or to an SD card. Instructions are in the help file and we will explore this software in brief in another article along with some other, much better alternatives that are available.

Helping KN7000 Owners

In order to help other KN7000 owners, please post your experiences in the comments area below and let us know about any errors or omissions in this article.

This is important so that everyone can benefit from the best possible information, to save everyone from spending many hours trying different settings instead of playing beautiful music (we also find it very encouraging to hear from you!).

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