KN7000 Style: Secret Service

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007 music conjours-up images of foreign countries, mysterious women, exciting romance and fast-paced action.

Our Secret Service KN7000 style captures the power and mystique of the James Bond genre and is available for download today.

KN7000 Style - Secret Service

This "James Bond 007" style for the KN7000 is made available as a test. We're working on many styles at the moment and would appreciate your feedback on this one. Let us know what you think!

Download one of the zip files and unzip it to your hard drive. Add the Technics format files to your SD Card. You can then load the KN7000 style into COMPOSER memory using the yellow SD button on your keyboard. Hold down the SD button to take you directly to the load screen.

Version 2 of the file can be loaded into COMPOSER, or directly into a CUSTOM memory.


KN7000 Style: Secret Service. A 'James Bond' themed style.

Listen to a basic mp3 of the KN7000 Secret Service (V1) style below

Recorded direct from the KN7000 using Technics Audio Recorder for KN Keyboards on Windows 8.1

KN7000 Style: Secret Service V2. A 'James Bond' themed style with additional use of KN7000-specific sounds, 'Live' drumkit and orchestral styling.

Download KN7000 Styles

The Secret Service KN7000 Style is also available in our members area in the TK7Kcom1 file, along with 19 other Custom Styles including Music Style Arranger registrations.

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